unmanned defense systems
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Unmanned Defense Systems enhance your advanced battle strategy through a 3-step cycle:
Scout the battleground, track and maintain visuals on the targets.
Evaluate the targets and make battle decisions much faster than ever before.
Eliminate the targets. Repeat the cycle.
While our products are impressive on their own, it's the vertical and horizontal integration that turns separate vehicles into a cohesive swarm integral with contemporary Battle Management Systems (BMS)
We achieve this with the help of our modular UAVs
Reconnaissance drones
Loitering munition vehicles
Decoy (Electronic Warfare) vehicles
and Swarm Command and Control System (SwarmC2)
SwarmC2 integrates all components into the swarm for a decisive attack and destroy capability, along with unprecedentedly quick, AI-supported, real-time analytics and decision-making.
All this is brought to you by a team of seasoned professionals who stand at the forefront of defense and high-technology innovation.
When we say battle-tested, we truly mean it. Endorsed on the front lines: our systems were instrumental in strategic operations like the retaking of Snake Island in the Black Sea.
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